Freckleton Club Day

The Freckleton Club Day is thought to have originated with the friendly societies in the early nineteenth century. The earliest documented mention appears in the proposals passed at a township meeting in May 1879 although it is thought festivities had already been going on for some twenty years.

The modern day Club Day should really be called Club Weekend as it covers both Saturday and Sunday. It consists of a parade around the village on the Saturday morning by the various church oganisations, bands, schools, scouting association and May Queens. This is followed by a short service and presentation in the C of E School playground. A fair is also held on the fields on Bush Lane. Various sporting activities are undertaken, both serious and for fun. The half marathon is held on the Sunday as well as other fun sporting events. 2005 saw the first Fun Run, a 2 mile run around the village, which starts immediately after the Half Marathon starts (around 2:15pm).

Colin Robb has very kindly supplied some pictures from 1969 and 1972. You can find them in our Club Day Picture Gallery

Club Day 2012 was very wet, so bad in fact that even the short 'wet weather' route was considered too long! As a result, we missed it all together. Fortunately, Derek Hicks has generously shared with us the pictures he took of the event.

Club Day 2013 was, contrary to the weather forecast, a nice day, if a little windy. The procession completed the full route.

Club Day 2014 was a lovely day and the first year without police support. As a result, the route of the procession was changed as it is no longer possible to close the bypass for the required period of time.

Club Day 2015 was not the best or worst weather for the Club Day procession, a light breeze and intermittent drizzle. As usual, there were a few uncooperative residents who left their cars parked on the procession route. For the first time (that we know about) the procession was led by horse mounted police.

After a week of clear skies and warm sunnu weather, Club Day 2018 was cool, overcast with light intermittent rain!


Our Club Day pictures can be viewed in our <CLUB DAY PICTURE GALLERY>