Requests for Help and Information
Tabitha the cat

Missing cat, grey tabby with a shaved area from a recent operation. Tabitha went missing in the Lamaleach area. Last seen on the 24th July. Reward offered. Contact Kat on
07739 024298

Family tree research - John Robert Clarkson (Blacksmith)
Neil has been researching his family tree and he had an ancestor who was a Blacksmith in Freckleton from the 1880's until his death in 1920. His name was John Robert Clarkson and thanks to Peter Shakeshaft, Neil managed to find out he was employed as a Blacksmith on Grange Farm on Freckleton Marsh. He lived about 100 yards from the entrance to the road to the Farm on Old Preston Road. Grange Farm had over 500 acres, 34 horses and 20 colts hence why a Blacksmith was needed.
Does anybody have any old photographs of Freckleton Marsh, Grange Farm or a Blacksmith from the early 1900's that may have the ancestor on it or the place where he worked?

2016 Half-marathon runner number 452 in picture 1010399 - Mary was chatting to her before the race and would love to get in touch. If it's you or you know who she is then please contact us and we will pass the details to Mary.

Doris Gardiner (nee Catlow) was born in 1919, the eldest of 4 children on a farm off Stoneygate Lane, Ribchester. (near Preston)
She studied at Blakey Moor Girls School and Blackburn College in 1936 –37 and at from 1937-1938 at St.Katherine's Teaching College Liverpool.
From 1938-44 she taught Arts, Drama, English, Maths and History at Freckleton Holy Trinity Primary School, and had lodgings with Mr and Mrs Lonsdale on Kirkham Road.
Doris became engaged to David, an Airman from Dingwall in Scotland, who was billeted in Blackpool for RAF training, prior to being posted to India and Burma to fight the Japanese.
In August 1944, Doris left Freckleton to teach at Intack Primary School in Blackburn so that she could also look after her mother in nearby Ribchester. 2 weeks later, an American warplane crashed into the village of Freckleton, killing 38 schoolchildren, (many of whom had been taught by Doris) and 23 adults. It was the worst civilian disaster of WW2 in Britain (outside London). Doris returned to lead the mass funeral procession through the village.
David read about the disaster in a newspaper whilst in Calcutta. He did not know whether Doris was alive or dead, until six weeks later when he received a letter from Doris telling him that she was alive.
After the war they were reunited and married on St. Valentines Day in 1946. They moved to Glasgow and had 2 children, Iain and Fraser.  Iain tragically died from an Asthma attack aged just 14 in 1964. They later adopted a daughter, Hazel.
They then managed an independent junior school, Park Lodge in Helensburgh (next to the former home of John Logie-Baird, the inventor of the Television.) 
Upon retiring in 1976 they moved to Lytham-st-Annes, where they became elders of the White Church in Fairhaven.
After their deaths; David in 2008 aged 93 and Doris in 2010 aged 91, their surviving son Fraser discovered a collection of letters between David and Doris, along with photographs, newspaper cuttings and other 'memorabilia'. It is through these 'memories' that their story has emerged, and Fraser is now in the process of researching further in order to produce a book about his family’s life.
Fraser would like to hear from anyone who knew or has memories of Doris, David or their family, from any period of their life.

D.F. Gardiner
Flat 5
49 Woodlands Road


Casie the cat

My cat has been missing since Monday 21st July 2016, which is unlike her. She normally roams in the fields at the back of Lower Lane Estate overlooking Kirkham Road. Her name is Casie she's a large black and white cat with an extra toe on the back paw!

Please contact 07530873306 if you have seen her or know where she is.


LOST - My daughter lost her iPod touch on the way home from school today. She thinks it was lost between the Methodist church and home on bush lane. It was in a pink case with flower punched out pattern! If you have found it or know who has then please contact Suzi on 07779620132. FOUND and RETURNED

Business Room Wanted - 10.08.12
I am looking at setting up my own business of counselling and reiki healing including teaching and attuning reiki. Do any local businesses have a spare room to rent?
Contact Keeley on 07765884464 or email

Tables for Craft Fair Wanted
Has anyone got any tables suitable for a craft fair that my daughter is organising for cancer research? She has a venue but no tables so she is looking for as many as possible. If any club/organisation are getting rid of tables, damaged or otherwise, she would love to have them. Thank You. Call 01772 631679 I am able to collect most times

Missing CAT - 17.02.12

Missing cat - Peppa "Peppa" a much loved 9 month old black & white cat with pink collar. Last seen at 5pm on Friday 17th Feb near Rydal Avenue in Freckleton. If seen please contact 01772 634066 REWARD IF FOUND <more>

Missing CAT - 18.01.12

Cat Cat

Grey went missing on Wednesday afternoon. Please could you check your sheds, Outhouses and Garages. If you find him or have any information please contact 01772 634989.

Missing dog - 14.01.11

Missing Dog Our family pet went missing at about 10pm on Monday night (10th January). He needs daily medical care and we are all heartbroken. Your help would be really appreciated in finding him. If you have seen him then please contact Justin on 07545 150530.

Lost - 30.10.11
Samsung Galaxy Ace Mobile Phone in a pink leather case believed to be lost somewhere on the route from Hodgson avenue, Ribble avenue, Bush lane, Naze lane to the childrens playing fields then back down bush lane and onto bush lane playing fields and back allong Ribble avenue to home. This would be around 4pm on Sunday 30th October. If anyone has found this she would love for it to be returned as she has only just bought it. Reward offered for its return. Contact: Julian Thompson, 4 Hodgson Avenue, Freckleton.

Car share wanted - 06.04.09
Tricia, a Freckleton resident, is currently unable to drive for medical reasons. She is looking for a lift into Preston (County Hall end) Monday to Friday, office hours, to share costs. If you would like to offer Tricia a lift and save yourself some money please contact her on (01772) 634946.

On the same subject, is there any demand for a car share scheme on If you would like to offer or obtain a lift then please <contact us>. If there is sufficient demand then we will look at providing more help to match people together.

BLESMA help, tools needed - 14.01.09
My name is David Gilmour and I live in Freckleton I am an ex serviceman. I am now involved and suported because of my injuries by BLESMA (the limbless association for ex service men ) I would like to give something back to the organisation.

Many years ago I was trained as a carpenter and boat builder, many visits made to Freckleton boat yard!!!

I am now disabled but would like to make toys, dolls houses etc. to be given to BLESMA to be auctioned to raise funds. However, I have no tools.

Is there anybody out there who could donate any of the following?

Jigsaw, drill and bits, chisels, table saw, small wood working tools

If anyone wants to see the invaluable work that BLESMA does please visit the BLESMA home on Lytham rd, Blackpool, you will be welcomed with open arms.

If you wish to help David, you can contact him on (01772) 635713 or email him at:

Can anyone help?

Mystery Runner - 08.07.08
A runner's name is missing on the results. Unfortunately because his number blew off we don't know who he is. Assuming he's local, perhaps someone visiting the site may recognise him. If anyone knows his name and address then please inform Brian Porter (email: ) He can then sort the results. <View Photo>

Historical information about the property that once existed at the end of the Warton runway has been found <more>.

We also have a request for any information about Oonagh Lewers Matthews.

Does anyone know what happened to Brenda Ashcroft?


My name is Ruth Lupton and I live in New Zealand. I'm wanting to find the two daughters of my mother's cousin (and school teacher) the late Ronald Dunn. Their names are Pamela (born c1956) and Meriel (born c 1961). I last saw them in 1975 with their mother Marjorie when I visited their home in Cedar Avenue, Warton Garden Estate, Warton nr Preston. I'd really like to now where they are now.

If you can help, you can email Ruth at:


Edna Wilkinson (nee Jones) who now lives in Manchester, has been making enquiries about an old school friend, Brenda Ashcroft (maiden name). Living in Freckleton in 1957. Had a brother - may be called Brian. Went to Derby School, Preston. Lived on a farm/smallholding.

If you have any information, you can email Edna at:


John Callaghan wishes to thank those who emailed him to provide information about a house, with orchard and grounds, which was situated near to the western end of the BAE Systems runway. If you would like to see what he found <click here>


My name is Ian Gillespie and I live in Belfast. I'm hoping to gather information I need for a piece of Archaeological research I am conducting.

I am trying to find information about the late Oonagh Lewers Matthews (1904 - 2000). She may have been a Doctor in Freckelton although she returned to live in Northern ireland before she died. Her parents were Thomas and Lucy, Thomas was originally from Annahilt in Co. Down Northern Ireland, he died in 1935 and is buried in Freckleton (? Church of England).

If you have any information, you can email Ian at: