Pictures from History

Freckleton postcard circa 1960

Freckleton circa 1960

Freckleton Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church (pre 1976)

Thanks to Mike Rigg for most of these pictures. If anyone has any other old pictures of Freckleton that they would like to share then we would be most grateful for copies.


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Lorenzos in Freckleton

A recent picture (2005) of Lorenzo's Restaurant showing the old sign

Balderstone Mill Freckleton

Balderstone Mill

Hall Cross Freckleton

Hall Cross circa 1900

Freckleton Green 1917

Freckleton Green 1917

Poolside Freckleton


Kirkham Road Freckleton

Kirkham Road

Lower Lane Freckleton

Lower Lane

Poolside Freckleton


Preston Old Road Freckleton

Preston Old Road

Preston Road Freckleton

Preston Road

Raval House Freckleton

Raval House

The Ship Inn Freckleton circa 1905

The Ship Inn circa 1905

Interior of the Ship Inn Freckleton

Interior of the Ship Inn

Ship Inn Freckleton

The Ship Inn

Freckleton Square and Bank

The Freckleton Square and Bank building