Picture Collection

These pictures are some of the ones chosen to grace our index page.

Typhoon EFA over Freckleton

Eurofighter Typhoon flies from nearby Warton.

Freckleton in Bloom Can

The Watering Can on the approach to Freckleton from Preston. The feature was created for Freckleton in Bloom.

Sunrise over Freckleton marsh

Sunrise over Freckleton Marsh

Dow brook Freckleton

Late evening over the River Dow near Freckleton

Freckleton Marsh

Freckleton Marsh on a fine sunny day.

Freckleton Marsh Winter 2005

A touch of frost over Freckleton Marsh

Freckleton Marsh mist

Spring mist over Freckleton Marsh

Stompers at Freckleton

The Stompers play at the Freckleton Village Hall

Freckleton Youth runners

Sponsored runners from the Freckleton Youth Group Commitee

Freckleton Tree

The Freckleton 'Tree'. Its actually a mobile phone mast.